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a guide to

Helping Your Loved One Age In Place At Home

Free family directive questionaire and questions to ask when searching for Long-term care

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Don't put me in a

About this Guide: Over the years I have had many conversations with families on the verge of breakdown due to being overwhelmed with their loved ones' aging process. I have also spent many years helping seniors age in place in their own homes because they simply were afraid to go into a nursing home.This book is for those who don't know where to start with knowing what to do for their loved one when it comes to aging in place at home or in a more skilled environment.

A Guide to Helping Your Loved One Age In Place At Home


“You don't have to be rich or ​smart, just determined.”

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I'm Shronica

As the owner of The Rose Residential Care Home In Tyler ​TX, Shronica Holmes is diligent in her business and ​committed to helping seniors age in place whether in their ​own home or in one of her residential communities. She has ​over 12 years of experience working with older adults with ​one of the largest non-profits in Houston Texas and with ​that experience, she opened up the first location in March ​of 2020 and is now proudly serving Tyler Texas with 2 ​locations.

Shronica has an undergraduate degree in Social Work ​and Business and a Master's in Business Administration. ​Her mission is to decrease loneliness and isolation ​among seniors and create an environment where they ​are socially and mentally involved in their own care. The ​Rose was named Best of the Best in 2020 for East Texas ​and is proudly recognized for its care throughout East ​Texas.